Webinar for citizens from USA, Israel, other countries: EU Passport & German Citizenship Questions

Thursday, Nov 9 2023, 17:00 approx. 60 min.

In our webinar we answer the possibilities to obtain an EU passport, German citizenship, e.g. to:

  • Israel & USA: Descendants of persons who lost German citizenship during the Nazi era.
  • Former German citizens or their children/grandchildren who would like to have a German passport again.
  • U.S. citizens seeking dual citizenship.
  • Persons who had to surrender their German passport as part of Brexit

We show ways to the EU passport for citizens from the USA, Israel, Ukraine, UK and Europe.

We explain to you how to regain your German citizenship or how not to lose it in the first place.

We give you an overview of the legal regulations, present case studies and answer your personal questions.

The webinar will be held in English.

Moderator: Dr. Stefan Lode, Rückel & Collegen (Düsseldorf)
Lecture: Dr. Christoph Rückel, Rückel & Collegen (Munich, Atlanta)
Expert: Dr. Andreas Zimmer ( Rückel & Collegen, former German Consul General – Edinburgh, UK)

Thursday, Nov 9 2023
approx. 60 min.

Organized & invited by Rückel & Collegen, Attorneys at Law Munich-Atlanta-Düsseldorf