Citizenship Germany

There are different possibilities to obtain German citizenship. In certain cases it is possible to keep the original citizenship (dual citizenship, two passports).

German citizenship can be obtained in the following constellations:

  1. Naturalization of descendants of Nazi persecutees ( according to Art. 116 GG)
    The descendants of persons who lost their German citizenship due to Nazi persecution and Nazi laws can now obtain German citizenship. This applies to children, grandchildren and subsequent generations. read more
  2. Re-naturalization
    People who have lost their German citizenship, for example, because they have accepted U.S. citizenship, can have themselves naturalized again. With regard to a U.S. citizenship, it is possible to keep it in addition to the German citizenship or to renounce the U.S. citizenship. read more
  3. Declaration naturalization
    If one parent was German or German at the time of birth, the child can be granted German citizenship. This possibility exists only recently after a new regulation of German laws. read more
  4. Dual citizenship Germany USA
    In certain constellations, someone with an American passport can simultaneously obtain or regain German citizenship. read more
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