Naturalization of descendants of Nazi persecutees (according to 116 GG)

Who can apply for German citizenship according to Art 116 GG?

Relatives of Nazi persecutees – e.g. citizens of Jewish faith from the USA, Israel, Great Britain and other countries- can
apply for German citizenship.

Art. 116 GG is about Naturalization of former German citizens, naturalization of their children who are excluded from
acquiring German citizenship at birth and their descendants.

This includes in particular the case constellations that occurred due to the consequences of Nazi persecution and and nazi
laws. This includes in particular naturalization for children of former German citizens within the meaning of
Article 116 (2) of the Basic Law and Section 12 (1) (1.) StARegG a.F. and their descendants.

Decisive is here, especially for Jewish citizens, the 11th decree to the Reich Citizenship Law of 25.11.1941, according to
which a Jew who has his permanent residence abroad could no longer be a German citizen by Nazi law.

Decrees issued by the German Ministry of the Interior on Aug. 30, 2019, created generous naturalization opportunities
for descendants of Nazi persecutees whose ancestors lost German citizenship in connection with Nazi persecution
measures, but who do not belong to the eligible group of persons under Article 116(2) of the German Basic Law.