Webinar: German citizenship law – new developments

Thursday, June 9, 2022. 5:00 pm CEST


There are ways to obtain a German passport that are not known to everyone.
For example:

  • for all descendants of persons who lost their German citizenship due to Nazi
  • applicants whose parents (father or mother) were German at birth,
  • former German citizens who would like to get back their German passport,
  • U.S. and European citizens who apply for dual citizenship.

We highlight the opportunities for citizens from the U.S., Israel, Ukraine, UK and EU.
We will give an overview of the new legal regulations and answer questions.

Moderator: Dr. Stefan Lode, Rückel & Collegen (Düsseldorf)
Lecture: Dr. Christoph Rückel, Rückel & Collegen (Munich)
Expert: Dr. Andreas Zimmer (German Consul General – Edinburgh, UK)

Organized & invited by Rückel & Collegen, Attorneys at Law – Munich-Atlanta-Düsseldorf

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